december 2006

First off all, I’ll dedicate this outstanding Moto Guzzi road movie, ha!, to my friend Patrick Hayes. Who’s Patrick? Just a nice guy in ´Gringoland’. Patrick and I know that […]

I just had lunch and enjoyed some miles of asphalt roads when I drove into this tunnel. There was no light, just (sometimes) knee-deep pools of water and the sound […]

Fitzgeraldo – the man and his boat – was a softy. We all know that. Like him I had to get my steamer over this mountain-ridge. The difference between Fitzgeraldo […]

Edison Sharupi Jua (Shuar)

Waar te beginnen? Bij de gewoonlijk wat afwachtende Shuar-indianen? Bij mijn sponsor – ja Guzman ik heb een sponsor, wat ongelooflijk sjiek en professioneel – die me een geldbedrag heeft […]