Love, peace & hand grenades I

I’ve very little time. So I ‘ll keep it short. Want you to see just one picture. This one, pues. When I arrive in Pasto – near to the border of Equador – I’ll upload a little diary (Yes my friend Patrick Hayes, in English) whith nice pics. Got even better ones of the militairies. I want you all to know that Colombia is the best country I’ve ever visited. I mean until so far. Still have to face a difficult road. The one from Popayan to Pasto. Seems to be a little dangerous. Pues, I’ve to leave at daybreak. In general the Colombians treat me like a king. I feel here more relaxed than in Mexico, the States, Holland… well you name it. I’ll leave Colombia with a bleeding corazon. I decided to come back. Yes, I’ll be back.

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  1. Hey Paul, good to read your doing ok. This blog thing is finally getting up to speed. Happy hunting for those must-read stories!

    According to Freek van de Wijdeven – 22:30 (op 04 Oktober ’06)
  2. Looks like those handgranates are 2nd hand…..been used before?

    According to Surfroy – 15:36 (op 05 Oktober ’06)
  3. Hi Paul, glad you enjoyed Colombia. I visited South America 10 years ago on a truck with 12 other gap year kids. By far my favorite was Colombia. The people are lovely generous souls and I miss the beauty of the country. Might be tempted to re-visit now I’ve read your accounts. Keep posting, it’s great being along for the ride with you. Ride safe


    According to Eugene – 17:29 (op 05 Oktober ’06)
  4. Hee Paul! Back on the road, how does it feel? As if you had never stopped, I hope. Greetings my Guzzi-friend.

    According to sjaak – 22:47 (op 05 Oktober ’06)

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