Hunny I want you, preview

I’m getting tired of this freaking movie, Guzman. Don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong, since I’m the only one who can see it. So I’ll give you a preview. I’ll keep on trying, though.Veronica and Jazura My friend Jon Hill is trying to help me out. So I’ll put the pictures of the ladies who passed my hospedaje in Balgüe and one day you see them again, but then with Bob Dylan-music and all. So you have an idea now. As you know I’m not a photographer, but still I think they’re beautiful, the ladies. I like the eyes of the women here, so bright. And they were willing to pose. I think they just liked the photographer. Anyway, tomorrow (wednesday) I have to go to Costa Rica to get a new visa and hopefully I can return the same day. I’m late again, you see. So it could be fun again. I’ll stay on Ometepe another week or two and then I’m of to Panama. Finally I have a good wireless internet connection and I’ll try to have some work done. I’m running out of cash. Costa Rica I’ll skip. That country is just a hide-out for traveling-wankers. Besides that it’s far too expensive for me right now. So, here’re the pictures, dude. It started with Jasmina. She and here mother were waiting for the bus, which stops in front of the hospedaje. I asked her if I could take her picture. I liked her face so much. Man, her eyes. And then Arcelia walked by, Ana Karina, my lovely Italian friend Giada (not in the movie, though), and Montserrat. Hopefully I’ll see them both again in Panama. Meri. We’ll continue with Teresa, Karla, Berthalina, Jessenia, Veronica and Jazura, Indira, Mariela, Marianela, Albadelia, Reina.

PS One of the reasons I can’t leave is because of these amazing sunsets. Look at these pictures of the Conception man. Conception 1, Conception 2, Conception 3. Pura vida.
PS I’ve met my friend Alexander from Amsterdam on Ometepe. So finally we’ve met. He’s doing fine. He’s a half a year ahead of me. But he, he’s driving a Ducati, you know.

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  1. Yo Guzman. I think it works now. Well, again, I can see it. So try again: go back to Hunny I want you and click on Centuri. It’s nice.

    According to Paul – 02:40 (op 18 April ’06)
  2. He broertje,

    mooie foto’s, mooie dames maarre….een video

    According to Peter – 10:11 (op 18 April ’06)
  3. Hey Gringo,

    hij gaat lekker zo te zien, eeuuhh heb je nog tijd om af en toe een Guzz down south te jagen ?

    Ik heb vanmorgen de handvatverwarming nog maar eens aangedaan om mijn ijsklompjes te ontdooien en het vrouwelijke lijnenspel gaat hier verborgen achter veel te veel kleding.

    Guzz on !!
    Guzzi Cor

    According to Cor – 13:10 (op 18 April ’06)
  4. Kan iemand mij uitleggen waarom ik het filmpje wel kan zien als ik op het internet ben. Begrijp er werkelijk geen hol van.

    According to Paul – 19:39 (op 18 April ’06)
  5. he broer, mischien komt het omdat jij ingelogt ben in dat systeem (en daardoor meer rechten hebt dan elk ander).
    overigens heb ik gisteren de harley verkocht. Dus nu geen vreselijke showbike meer maar een ordinaire maar goed uitziende bmw (wel van 0-tot 100 binnen 3,1 sec.)

    According to Peter – 07:46 (op 19 April ’06)
  6. Dat filmpje is een lege huls dat verwijst naar bestanden die op jouw computer staan. Daarom kan jij het filpje wel zien en wij niet. Je moet het op een andere manier exporteren of bewaren.

    According to Vasilis – 13:54 (op 20 April ’06)

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